Personal Background

    To teach what I have presented in this webinar, I have had to address some very challenging life experiences embedded in my past. I experienced my own relative level of emotional pain which took me to places within me that required me to go through the “eye of the needle” several times. This “eye” challenged me to deal with my mind and its negative habits, as well as extremely intense emotions of fear, sadness, anger, rage, and terror. These emotions no longer frighten me, nor do they stop me from taking the necessary action required to overcome the challenges in my life today.

    One of the things I learned and more fully realized was how STRONG I am on the inside. I think of it as “inner weight lifting.” Most importantly, these experiences and this inner strength enabled me to access the natural state of Being within me. This state is filled with peace, joy, inspiration, courage, boldness, power, and Infinite Love. And it is present to me all of the time - provided I remember. This state is literally exemplified in my mission statement.

    I have been teaching this material for nearly 20 years and have been living it to varying degrees every day of those 20 years, both personally and professionally. To the best of my ability, I practice everything I teach. This Webinar and its teachings are the result of those experiences and what I learned in the process.      What I teach is empowerment that originates from the Heart. This empowerment is realized by overcoming the habitual patterns of the mind and negative emotions. The challenge is learning how to deal with negativity from the mind and upsetting emotions, in addition to how to overcome them in the process of a challenging “moment.” I focus on teaching very simple skills that can be implemented at any given time or situation. To read about this in more detail, please go to the “Webinar Info” page and click on “Summary.”

David’s Education and Professional Background

    I received my bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University in theology and my master’s degree from Case Western Reserve University in social work. I’m a licensed independent social worker. I am a graduate of Barbara Brennan School of Healing and certified in Healing Science Training. I am also a certified Lifeline Practitioner. My practice focuses on helping individuals who are in mental and emotional pain, including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, stress, or post-traumatic stress. I help individuals with food allergies, as well as various forms of physical pain, for example: chronic pain, fibromyalgia, tumors, cancer, colitis, low back pain or injuries. Equally important, I am able to identify how and where someone is “stuck” as well as identify the solution.

    In the process of helping someone with their presenting issue, my personal mission is to illuminate, awaken and empower them to recognize the inherent indwelling of Peace, Joy, Inspiration, Courage, Boldness, Power, and Infinite Love within.”